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What is the maximum length for a Projector HDMI cable?

Unless you have an Ultra Short throw projector, the projector and screens have to be at the opposite ends of the room. You have the option of mounting the source signal devices like Blu-ray player, Fire Stick, Amplifier/Receiver, etc. near the projector and run the HDMI cables for short distances under 10 to 15 feet. But in the majority of cases the source devices are usually kept below the screen or in other locations necessitating long HDMI cable runs to the projector. The HDMI signals degrade over long HDMI cable lengths and there are no fixed standards or any authoritative declarations about the maximum length for HDMI cables. The general consensus is that 50 feet of HDMI cable is the maximum recommended HDMI cable length. But this is an arbitrary figure which depends on the quality and strength of the origin signal and the quality of connections and the HDMI cable.

Which is the best HDMI cable?

As far as the signal transfer capability of HDMI cables are concerned, all HDMI cables are good. The reasons for this statement is that the actual cable wiring, the electrical signal conducting copper wires, in an HDMI cable is usually the same because all manufacturers now use certified Category 2 High-Speed HDMI Cable. The difference, if any, in the quality of HDMI cables from different manufacturers will be in the quality of the connections to the connectors and the connectors themselves. Because all connections are made on automated machines we can safely conclude that HDMI from all manufacturers are of the same quality. The only difference in quality between different brands of HDMI cables therefore can only be in the connectors themselves - some resorting to gold plated connectors and others sticking to just ordinary nickel plating. The plating on HDMI cables do not affect the quality of the signal transfer but only on the corrosion resistance of the connectors. So basically all HDMI cables are of equal quality as far as the signal transferring capability of HDMI cables are concerned. The only differences between different brands of HDMI cables are - the way they look and how tough the external sheathing of the cable is. Some cables have tough external protection to withstand, for example, in wall mounting, etc. In short, the quality of all HDMI cables, as far as signal transfer quality is concerned, is the same and there is no need to look for the best HDMI cable.

What is the maximum HDMI cable length to projector

We will say that the safe maximum distance of the HDMI cable to connect a projector should not exceed 25 feet. The usual concerns regarding HDMI connection length to projector are whether it will affect the picture quality and for gamers, whether increased HDMI cable lengths leads to more lag. Within the 25 feet limit, we can safely assume that there will be no effect of either the picture quality or lag. It is quite possible to use HDMI connections to 50 feet and even more with the use of in line HDMI signal boosters or amplifiers. But our recommendation is to stick with the 25 to 30 feet maximum length connections with HDMI cables. Why we say this is because there is a high chance of damaging sensitive equipment with HDMI connections when you use powered HDMI splitters, extenders, signal boosters, etc. I know this for a fact from personal experience and also reading so many reported instances on well known forums for audio and video. Even If you google about HDMI boosters or amplifiers, you will come across occasional mention of damage from long HDMI cable runs because it seems to overload the HDMI output connections of Home Cinema Receiver Amplifiers. The best alternative to long HDMI connections is to use the method known as HDMI with Ethernet Cable as explained below.

What is HDMI with Ethernet Cable?

Transmitting HDMI signals over long distances using Ethernet cables is one of the best solutions to long runs of HDMI connections. The HDMI over Ethernet solution uses a connector known as a 'Balun' which converts for HDMI signals to Ethernet signals which can be transmitted through CAT 5 or CAT 6 cables using RJ45 connections. There will be two 'Baluns' used, one at the sending end to convert HDMI to Ethernet signals and one at the receiving end to convert back the Ethernet signals to HDMI signals.

There are two types of Baluns for HDMI conversions, the first one uses the inline power of the HDMI cable to power the conversion and requires two CAT 5 / 6 cables and the second which are powered with external power source and using only one CAT 5/6 cable. The HDMI over Ethernet solution using non powered Balun (which uses the power in the HDMI line) can reliably transmit upto 50 feet (15 meter) of cable runs. For more, upto 150 feet, you will need to use external powered Balun HDMI to Ethernet converters (about $100- on Amazon - see link below). For even more distances you will need to use HDMI over Optical cable converters. Wireless HDMI transmissions are possible but are more expensive and less reliable than HDMI over Ethernet solutions. You can see all types of these systems for HDMI with Ethernet on Amazon.com - https://amzn.to/2Nmn1fT

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